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Dance Schools

Filming of shows is free as the show is paid for by DVD sales, but to cover costs I need to guarantee a minimum of 30 copies at £15 each. This will provide 2 cameras. One for a wide shot & one for close up work. This is based on a typical show of 2-2.5 hour running time. A 3 camera shoot is also available giving the benefit of different angles, this works well in bigger theatres & in plays. For smaller numbers please call so we can discuss numbers & length of show etc.


Things to consider.


Parental permission. It is often easer to say the show will be filmed at the beginning so parents sign to let their children be in the play with knowledge at the start rather than chancing permission forms as an afterthought.


Music copyright & playwright fees. These may be added to DVD price.


How is the DVD being promoted?


Are parents banned from filming?